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Muzium Padi Or Rice Museum in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Muzium Padi Or Rice Museum
One of the places that must be visited in Kedah is Rice Museum. Located about 8 kilometers from town. This museum is the only museum of rice in Malaysia. It displays relevant materials involving rice culture, research and development and technology development of rice.
 It was officially opened by HRH the Sultan Tunku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, the Sultan of Kedah on October 12, 2004, equivalent to 27 Shaban 1425 Hijri. The Rice Museum was built on land belonging to MADA (Malaysian Agricultural Development Authority) at a cost of RM24.7 million. The museum building resembles bushels of harvested paddy stalks. Throughout the Rice Museum, the rice motif is repeated everywhere, on the banisters, and even on the fence and gate outside.
Museum covers an area of 12.000 square meters and has three floors. At level 1 rice cultivation history on display, variation rice, traditional rice anok tool, Renggam and others. Besides traditional fishing gear that is almost extinct as sepila, tuar, traps and other also exhibited at this level.
The Rice Museum consists of two main levels and a top portion accessible by a spiral staircase. At level 2 there are six galleries. In this gallery we can see the paintings that reflect the agricultural activities from colonial times to the present. At this level, we can watch a documentary about rice farming methods that have aired here every day.
The most interesting and unique at the Museum of rice is when you are at level 3. Here we can see a panorama of paddy in the form of murals and landscapes. There are several galleries with panoramic murals. These are the result of painstaking work by 60 artists from North Korea .Mural a height of 8 meters and 103 meters long is one of the largest and most beautiful murals in Malaysia. . As you stand there admiring the mural, you are taken in by the sheer size of the murals. At this level there is room for observers located in the rotating platform.
After a satisfying visit to all the galleries, will want something to build memories or other gifts after returning. Souvenir shops sell items such as clothes "T", stationery, and crafts. Also recommended that you try the traditional food such as sago, Aquilaria and other foods that are seldom found. All food is produced by the sons of his own state at a reasonable price.
Rice Museum is an  interesting tourist attractions. Apart from being able to learn more about the history of rice cultivation, we should also look at the materials and equipment concerning rice.The Kedah Rice Museum, also known as Muzium Padi or National Rice Museum, is the only museum of its kind in Malaysia. It is located in Kedah, at the foot of Gunung Keriang just north of Alor Setar.

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